Leeward Kenpo
Kajukenbo Family Tree

This photo was taken at a promotion in January 1987 at the East Foster Village Rec. Center, where the club trains. Our club promoted George Iversen to the rank of Sijo. Front row, left to right, Sijo George W. Iversen (red lei), Joel Brunson (Iversen black belt), Michelle Louis, Jean Fergerstrom, Flynn Fujiwara, Kareen Kum, Eric Monthei, Randy Oneha, Sifu Edmund Louis (with lei). Second row, Ronney Oliveros, George Hale, Bob Meagher, Bill Sykes, Blaine Fergerstrom, Danny Nakashima. Third row, Joanne Louis, Brady Kamae, John Beate, Noreen "U'i" Louis.

This is just the beginnings of a Leeward Kenpo family tree. It is by no means complete. Please send corrections to zztype@alohatown.com

This photo was taken June 20, 1992 on Kauai during a large gathering of Kajukenbo students from around the world for a training session and get-together. Front row (sitting), left to right: George Hale (Leeward Kenpo), Sijo Adriano Emperado. Second row, (unknown Al Dela Cruz black belt), Ed Louis, Leeward Kenpo, George Iversen, Iversen's Kajukenbo, Sid Asuncion, Al Dela Cruz, Dela Cruz Kajukenbo.